What can Admins do?

As an admin, you have a range of powerful tools and capabilities at your disposal to manage your account effectively:

Organisational Setup

  • Organisational Structure: Create new departments, roles, and locations to establish a clear hierarchy within your organisation.
  • Group Management: Establish new Group Categories for better organisation and management of users.

User Management

  • User Sign-Up: Generate Self Sign Up Links to facilitate user registration.
  • User Management: Add or remove users from departments, roles, locations, and group categories.
  • User Information Customisation: Integrate custom fields to capture specific user information.
  • Self Sign Up Links: Allow others to join your account using self sign up links. You can also specify their roles, departments, and locations.

Content and Progress

  • Course Creation and Management: Create, assign or remove courses, resources, pathways, and e-signature documents for individual users and groups, including departments, roles, and locations and any groups you create.
  • Progress Monitoring: Access and download comprehensive progress reports and certificates for all users.
  • Course Development: Build and publish your own courses from scratch, tailoring content to your organisation's needs.
  • Content Enrichment: Enhance Tayl courses by adding relevant content.
  • Embedding Content: Seamlessly integrate external content like Canva slideshows, Survey Monkey forms, and online resources directly into your courses.
  • Sharable Course Previews: If you quickly want someone to check a course, you can now share a link to one of your draft courses. This means they can look at the course without logging into Tayl.

Customisation and Control

  • Branding Personalisation: Customise your account with new themes and logo uploads to reflect your organisation's identity.
  • Permissions Management: Adjust user management and content permissions to ensure smooth operations.
  • User Account Control: Manage user accounts effectively by changing passwords or updating user details.
  • Customisable certificates: Issue custom certificates for the courses you create. Make your own fun branded accreditation or get an external business to review your courses and apply for their accreditation. Note: When you edit our courses, our accreditations aren't valid any more.
  • Renewal Dates: You can edit renewal dates for any of our courses or your courses so you don’t have to remember to reassign the same courses when your team needs a refresher.

NOTE: Assistance for these features is available in our help articles. Use the search bar to locate a relevant article.

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