Add a Header

To add a heading:

  1. In the Courses section of your Create tab, go to Draft Courses and select the relevant course.
  2. Scroll down and click the page you'd like to add content to.
  3. From the template menu, click Heading.
  4. Click the pencil icon and type in your header using the text field. You can include a subtitle here as well.
  5. To add our own image behind the header, click Upload an image, select an image from your files and click Open.
  6. Click Save to see your changes.

Design Tips

Padding refers to the size of the space around the content.

Min Height (%) refers to the space below the content. The higher the value, the more space there will be.

Adding both minimum height and padding to content in an e-learning course improves readability, visual presentation, and accessibility. Proper spacing reduces visual fatigue, making the learning experience enjoyable and less overwhelming.

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